The Business Group

The Business Group

The Pharmacist’s Cooperative of Thessaloniki (SY.FA.) is:

  • The largest pharmaceutical warehouse in Greece, one of the three largest companies in Northern Greece and one of the 50 largest companies in Greece, with an annual turnover of 220 million euros. It serves daily more than 1,500 pharmacies in 8 counties, distributing 16,000 codes of medicines and paraphernalia and holding a market share of 74% locally and 7% nationally.
  • One of the largest employers in Northern Greece, with 250 permanent employees, creating more than 30 new jobs in the last 2 years, with emphasis on youth employment.
  • A model cooperative unit, a multi-stakeholder company in which 1,000 pharmacists participate with one share each, celebrating 90 years of profitable operation this year, oriented towards supporting all members, concluding strategic development agreements and offering innovative products.
  • The most modern pharmaceutical warehouse in Europe in cutting-edge technology, comparable to those of Western Europe, with the operation of the most modern robots for the automatic execution of 12,000 orders per day, a multitude of quality certifications (ISO 9001) and the number one B2B online electronic ordering system for pharmacies.
  • A trusted partner of the Greek Government, as we were a hub for the management of Covid[1]19 vaccines in Northern Greece.
  • A partner with a strong social contribution, providing consultancy services and donations to a variety of public benefit structures (nursing homes, orphanages, children with cancer), as well as in emergencies (Mati, Kefalonia, Ukraine).
  • A green growth-oriented company that produces its own electricity and pioneers in environmental protection activities such as the collection of expired medicines at pharmacies. The aim of SY.FA. Thessaloniki is to improve the social position and quality of life of pharmacists and to elevate the pharmaceutical profession.

15.600 sq.m.

15.600 sq.m. Parcel shareholder

3.000 sq.m.

3.000 sq.m. warehouse


30 available trucks


Distribution of 16.000 products to the pharmacies members of the Cooperative


Up to 55.000 online line and 3.500 orders per day

New, privated owned & modern Facilities

Implementing the decisions of the General Meetings, Pharmacist’s Cooperative of Thessaloniki completed the investment plan for the creation of a second Pharmaceutical store in Oraiokastro and ΣΕ.ΕΛ.ΦΑΡ. Α.Ε ‘s relocation.

25.400 sq.m.

25.400 sq.m. Parcel shareholder

5.000 sq.m.

5.000 sq.m. warehouse


28 available trucks


Distribution of 16.000 products to the pharmacies members of the Cooperative


Up to 60.000 online line and 3.500 orders per day

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