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The Group includes the central Pharmaceutical Warehouse under the name « ΣΥ.ΦΑ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ” , the new and modern one in Oraiokastro and Σ.ΕΛ.ΦΑΡ. Α.Ε ‘ s relocation. PHARMASSISTANCE A.E is a service company.

The most developed Pharmaceutical Warehouse in Greece

Implementing the decisions of the General Meetings, Pharmacist’s Cooperative of Thessaloniki completed the investment plan for the creation of a second Pharmaceutical store in Oraiokastro and ΣΕ.ΕΛ.ΦΑΡ.
Α.Ε ‘s relocation.


• Prescriptions delivery Courier
• Pharmacy cleaning
• Accounting and logistics support
• Organizing excursions

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