The Business Group

Our Vision

Pharmacist’s Cooperative of Thessaloniki aimed:

Automatic ordering via modem

New automatic machine for
the order’s execution (robot)

Automatic ordering via modem

Advanced hardware system

Import & marketing of its own products

Advanced hardware system

New Facilities

Expansion in Greece (collaboration with others Cooperatives)

Provision of services to pharmacies

The goals above have been achieved and now we have new ones.
Our current vision:

Pre-trade development (distributions to third parties)

Amelioration of the Facilities and the mechanical equipment

Selling OTC medicines

Impact and Penetration into Society

A Sales Department for importation or production of new high quality products

Support to the pharmacies-members

Cold Chain Management

Green Development

Collaboration with other Cooperatives for achievements of our joint initiatives


Promote and develop the scientific and social role of the Pharmacist

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