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The first Statute – Articles of Association was approved by the decision of the Greek Minister of National Economy in 1932 and the founding members were 14. Ιt is worth mentioning them : (ONOMATA ΙΔΡΥΤΙΚΩΝ ΜΕΛΩΝ )


The Cooperative was relocated in Agias Theodoras 5-7 Street, Thessaloniki (300 m2) in 1965. Until then, its address was Ermou 44 Street, Thessaloniki (130 m2).


The Cooperative was relocated in Delfon 75 Street, Thessaloniki (1.770 m2) in 1975. Until then, its address was Agias Theodoras 5-7 Street, Thessaloniki (300 m2).


The Cooperative was relocated in Alexandrou Staurou Street 15-17, Thessaloniki (2.860 m2) in 1981. Until then, its address was Delfon 75 Street, Thessaloniki (1.770 m2).


Installation of the first computer system and issuance of the 1st invoice by Computer.


Installation of the first automatic order processing machine (ROBOT) with a capacity of up to 600 orders per hour.


In 1996 the placement of the first MODEMS in pharmacies took place so that they could connect online with Cooperative and send their order automatically. Online ordering was not utopia since then.


Two-wheelers were used to send urgent orders on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon.


The operation of the Sales Department commenced with the first sellers visiting the pharmacies promoting pharmaceutical products.


Abolition of the down payment and the return of the money to the Shareholders of the Cooperative.


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certification . The Articles of Association were approved and the first subsidiary of the Cooperative was established under the name Σ.ΕΛ.ΦΑΡ. Α.Ε .


The first privately owned facilities of the Cooperative were inaugurated in Nea Raidestos with a total area of 3.600 m2 on a plot of 12 acres. The storage facilities were completely developed and modern ROBOT technology automatically operated up to 800 orders per hour.


The Articles of Association were approved, and the second subsidiary of the Cooperative was established under the name PHARMASSISTANCE A.E.


Collection of inappropriate pharmaceutical products by placing special recycling bins in the pharmacies- members of the Cooperative. Culture Associations for Shareholders and clients.


Electronic screens for update information concerning on-call duty, night shift. Purchase of a new adjacent plot of 4 acres.


Σ.ΕΛ.ΦΑΡ. Α.Ε and PHARMASSISTANCE A.E rented new facilities in Gladstonos Street 14-16 in the center of Thessaloniki


Έναρξη λειτουργίας της νέας ηλεκτρονικής πλατφόρμας “ΣΥΦΑ eOrder”.


Providing optional shares for the Shareholders.


There is no more external borrowing and the operation of the cooperative is done with its own funds. The management of the cooperative is elected by a single ballot paper and the factions are abolished.


The pharmacist’s cooperative launches a range of innovative online services for shareholders (SY.FA Hotspot, Pharmacies on-call/night shift Online, MOBILE APP, SY.FA ONLINE, Temperature management & information system etc.). The installation of photovoltaics took place too.


It is decided to implement an investment plan for the development of SELFAR SA totaling € 10 million, which includes the purchase of a 15-acre plot of land in Oreokastro, construction of 5,000 m2 building facilities and installation of a new autonomous 60,000 line / 7.5 hour e-order execution. The trucks of the cooperative are converted into freezers.


Customer service for the pharmacies. Opening of the new facilities in Oreokastro.

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