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The Pharmacists’ Cooperative of Thessaloniki (SY.FA. Thessaloniki) is:

the largest pharmaceutical warehouse in Greece, one of the three largest businesses in Northern Greece, and one of the 50 largest companies in Greece, with an annual turnover of 240 million euros. It serves over 1,500 pharmacies across Northern Greece daily.

It distributes daily 16,000 codes of medicines and parapharmaceuticals, holding a 74% market share at the local level.

It provides third-party logistics services, undertaking exclusive representation and distribution throughout Greece for pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical companies, in cooperation with other local Cooperatives.

It collaborates with the warehouses of other local Cooperatives, covering geographic distribution throughout Greece.

It is one of the largest employers in Northern Greece, permanently employing 250 staff members.

A model cooperative unit, a polymorphic company in which 1,050 pharmacists participate with one share each, celebrating 90 years of profitable operation this year, with a focus on supporting all members, concluding strategic development agreements, and offering innovative products.

The most modern pharmaceutical warehouse in Europe in terms of cutting-edge technology, comparable to those in Western Europe, with the operation of the most modern robots for automatic execution of 12,000 orders per day, numerous quality certifications (ISO 9001), and the number one B2B online electronic ordering system from pharmacies.

A trusted partner of the Greek Government, having been the hub for managing Covid-19 vaccines in Northern Greece.

A partner with a strong social contribution, providing advisory services and donations to a plethora of charitable structures.

A business oriented towards green growth, producing its own electrical energy and pioneering environmental protection actions, such as the collection of expired medicines in pharmacies.

The goal of SY.FA. Thessaloniki is to improve the social status and quality of life of pharmacists and to elevate the pharmaceutical profession.

SY.FA. Thessaloniki does not rest on its laurels and invests in the future. Believing in our place, our people, and our capabilities, we have dared and made one of the most significant business investments in recent years in Northern Greece. Our investment plan, amounting to 12 million euros, included:

Purchasing land: 25,573 sq.m. in Oraiokastro, Western Thessaloniki.
Constructing a new, second, ultra-modern pharmaceutical warehouse for the Group, with a total area of 6,000 sq.m., height 14m, 750 sq.m. of offices.
Installing a robot for executing orders worth 6.5 million euros: the most modern robot in Europe, serving 60,000 lines/7.5 hours with the possibility of expanding up to 120,000 lines/7.5 hours.
The goal of the investment is to cover the increased operational needs of the Group, given the aggressive strategy to increase turnover by 30% in the first 5 years of operation through:
Increasing coverage in the Western sector of Thessaloniki County and geographical expansion to new Counties.
Increasing loyalty to the Cooperative, increase in orders, market share, and turnover.
Expanding commercial activity with new collaborations and products.
High competitive advantage in logistics and service.

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