Mosquito Repellent 100ml

Lotion with 20% Icaridine
• 6 hours of protection with a single application
• Suitable for adults and children over 2 years old

• Effective against common mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes and ticks
• Dermatologically tested
• Lotion with a light composition, excellent feeling on the skin, without stickiness and shine
• Pleasant fragrance
• Practical 100ml pocket packs with spray
• Environmentally friendly

• Approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (approval no.: TP19-0400, TP19-0401)
• Absolutely safe for use by the whole family, pregnant women, nursing mothers and children
• With proven insect repellent action according to the standards of the European regulation on biocides
• With Icaridine, the active insect repellent substance recommended by the World Health Organization
• Without preservatives, oxidants, dyes.

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