BENTHOLIA’s Products

Beauty is health and knowledge. Face and body care products.

Bentholia </br> Bentholia Face & Eyes Cream
Bentholia </br>Hydrating Day Cream
Bentholia </br> Face Serum
Bentholia</br> Skin Care Balm
Bentholia </br> Cleansing-Make up Remover 3 in1
Bentholia </br>Cream for Sensitive
Bentholia </br> Antidandruff Shampoo
Bentholia </br>Daily Use Shampoo
Bentholia </br> Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo
Bentholia</br> Shower Gels
Bentholia</br> Hair Mask
Bentholia</br> Hand Cream
Bentholia</br> Body Milk
Bentholia</br> Zinc oxide mousse 10%
Bentholia</br> Panthenol mousse 5%
Bentholia</br> Freeze Spray
Bentholia</br> Arnica crackling foam
Bentholia</br> Foot powder spray
Bentholia</br> After Sun crackling mousse

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